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At svenskskola.fi there is contact information for Swedish speaking:

  • Day care (day care centres, group family day care, family day care and language immersion day care centres)
  • Pre-schools
  • Eftis (morning and afternoon activities)
  • Basic education (schools and language immersion schools)
    - grades 1-6
    - grades  1-9
    - grades  7-9
  • Language immersion (immersion day care centres and immersion schools)
  • General upper secondary schools
  • Vocational training institutions 
  • On the job training / apprenticeship training
  • Music schools
  • Folk high-schools
  • Preparatory education for basic education

In addition, there is contact information for persons in charge of these different categories in the municipalities. The Åland Islands are not included in the webpage.

Sydkustens landskapsförbund promotes Swedish-language culture and education in affiliated municipalities.

Children and young persons as well as Swedish-language schools, day care, eftis and leisure activities play a central part in all the activities of Sydkustens landskapsförbund. Read more about Sydkustens landskapsförbund at www.sydkusten.fi (in Swedish and in Finnish in brief).

Through the links below you will reach Sydkustens landskapsförbund’s other websites with information in Swedish about eftis – afternoon activities, clubs and literary art.

Morning and afternoon activities in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland.


A great variety of extracurricular activities at school.


Literary art – create using your fantasy!


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