About svenskskola.fi

At svenskskola.fi there is contact information for Swedish speaking:

Day care (day care centres, group family day care, family day care and language immersion day care centres)


Eftis (morning and afternoon activities)

Basic education (schools and language immersion schools)
- grades 1-6
- grades 1-9
- grades 7-9

Language immersion (immersion day care centres and immersion schools)

General upper secondary schools

Vocational training institutions 

On the job training / apprenticeship training

Music schools

Folk high-schools

In addition, there is contact information for persons in charge of these different categories in the municipalities. 

Please note that universities and polytechnics are not included in this database.The Åland Islands are not included in the webpage.

You can find more information about the Finland-Swedes, legislation and daycare and schools here:
(language alternatives in the brackets)

www.svenskfinland.fi (finnish, english, russian)
www.folktinget.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.oph.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.luckan.fi (swedish, finnish, english, russian, german, spanish, french, portugese)
www.sydkusten.fi (swedish, summary in finnish)
www.hemochskola.fi (swedish)
www.om.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.opintoluotsi.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.minedu.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.avi.fi (swedish, finnish, english)
www.eftis.fi (swedish)
www.klubbar.fi (swedish)